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Getting started with online freelancing

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woolysage Fri 16-Nov-18 20:04:03

I am in a bit of a bind! I can't register with sites like People per Hour because I don't already have a 'web presence'. I have lots of expertise designing spreadsheets, but can't think how else to 'monetise' them from home - has anyone got any tips on how to get started!

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babynelly2010 Thu 22-Nov-18 10:05:07

People per hour I think let's u register but they also may ask for CV. There is also website called you have to pay for leads on that one.

Clavender Thu 22-Nov-18 11:18:00

Set up a Facebook page? You could ask your friends to share it, it might be a slow way to start but better than nothing. A Facebook business page is free too.

PiperPublickOccurrences Fri 23-Nov-18 07:38:14

I've been registered for years with PPH and don't have a website or anything which I'd say constituted a "web presence". If that's what they're asking for now, set up accounts on things like Linked In. Or get a blog.

However PPH have changed their commission structure in the last year or so and it's harder to earn cash on there now.

lazymare Fri 23-Nov-18 07:44:18

Try Upwork

woolysage Fri 23-Nov-18 22:23:25

Hi Everybody
Thanks for those ideas.
It's tough to get started in anything I guess!

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MaybeDoctor Wed 05-Dec-18 15:13:51

I am not sure which bit is the barrier? You can register via Facebook etc, but there should also be another way via a web form.

Spend some time on your profile and also set up ‘hourlies’ that are easy to buy eg ‘I will design you a spreadsheet with macros for £40’.

The main issue is that the PPH fees are quite high and there is a lot of competition.

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