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My new website and marketing

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KhaleesiTheDeadWalker Wed 14-Nov-18 03:55:57

Hi all! I've set up a business selling sex toys and lingerie - still adding products to the site but I'm getting there slowly.

My big issue is how to market it and where? Can anyone help or offer any ideas?

Site address is and feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you!

KhaleesiTheDeadWalker Wed 14-Nov-18 14:28:34


alinaro Sun 02-Dec-18 02:48:24

Hi there,

So after reviewing your website, it's really put me off purely because the colours are really really worrying and it looks like a website made back in the 2000 era (Please don't take offence!).

I also see that you are using WIX, not sure how you could progress when doing SEO to the website?

I'd highly suggest hiring a webdesigner who could help you and give the site a little touch with a new modern look and possible have it based on WordPress so you can manage the content, have a lovely theme and be able to sell your products with alot more creativity then Wix.

I'd suggest Speedydot, they should be able to help you in regards to a affordable wordpress hosting and recommend some great wordpress developers at a key price for your website.

If you are serious about this, spend a little and you'll be running in no time.

Best of luck

Unobtainable Sun 02-Dec-18 03:09:33

Well done on launching your business.

Constructive critisism coming up.

The site has a dated design. Probably a combination of layout, style, colour scheme and functionality. Was it an off the shelf purchase from GoDaddy or similar?

Youve also got your own personal email address as contact showing your full name so I’d create another account using your webhost service so: or similar.

I dont see what you can get from your site that you cant get anywhere else? It just seems to offer the same as LoveHunny or Ann Summers etc. as far as I can see. Even the likes of ASOS and BooHoo sell sexy lingerie now and you can get everything youre selling from Amazon.

To stand out in a crowded market it needs a USP. At the moment it doesnt have one.

KhaleesiTheDeadWalker Sun 02-Dec-18 06:28:00

Hi thanks for your comments, I'll certainly look into redesign...

I'm looking into alternative suppliers and have found one that offers products I haven't been able to locate anywhere else.

Had some problems with my email address, it was and will be going back to that once the teething problems are smoothed out.

Thanks again for you comments!

Workreturner Sun 02-Dec-18 06:29:39


Workreturner Sun 02-Dec-18 06:30:24


KhaleesiTheDeadWalker Sun 02-Dec-18 07:34:48

I'm not advertising, I'm asking for constructive criticism and/or advice!


schooltripwoes Sun 02-Dec-18 08:50:06

Ok. First of all there are no obvious contact details, privacy policy, terms and conditions etc. These are legal requirements but also instil confidence in shoppers so are essential to have.

Without proceeding to checkout, I can't see details of what payment methods you offer, shipping costs, returns policy etc.
The website is rather dated and doesn't render well on a mobile. For example this page is horrific with oversized pixelated images:

Also, look at your url (web address). This category has clearly been made from a copy of another, but you need to rename it to reflect what you're selling on this page (solo vaping products).
Given your products, I'd imagine that most of your potential customers will shop on a mobile as it's more discreet than a laptop etc., so you need to get this sorted.

I'm sure that you're aware that it's hard to get good rankings on Google when your website has 'adult' content. This won't be an easy task. WIX won't help as it's not hugely SEO friendly. Look at Shopify / WooCommerce / Bluepark / ShopWired as alternatives. If you're serious about this being a business not and expensive hobby, you need to invest in the software as this will generate your sales.

Knowing that you won't easily be able to rely on Google, focus on building your mailing list to attract potential customers. Competitions and special offer incentives to encourage sign-ups are good but make sure you are GDPR compliant and that people are made aware that they are also consenting to join your mailing list.

On the plus side, I can see you have an SSL certificate which shows your site is secure.

Good luck!

KhaleesiTheDeadWalker Sun 02-Dec-18 10:30:51

@schooltripwoes thank you! You've given me a bit to think about there... as for my url, as my site is still very new these are the small things I've missed as I've gone along... its good to have them highlighted so I can correct them!

Sweetpea15 Mon 24-Dec-18 01:53:48

Have you heard of Smut U.K? It’s headed up by Victoria Blisse and every year they do an exhibition- maybe see if you can donate some items to that/do some promo or even get a stand? ETO also do exhibitions. Even if you just go as a visitor and get taking to people. There are also several sex toy reviewers you could get in touch with- they post on Social Media & share your links.

Have you also considered selling erotica/erotic romance and maybe having a few authors write exclusively for your website? That would be good promo if you found the right ones.

Sweetpea15 Mon 24-Dec-18 01:55:10

I also agree about your website- branding is key and it doesn’t give off a sleek sexy vibe. I know a few website/branding designers if you need recommendations smile

MrsDaveGrohl78 Mon 24-Dec-18 12:54:57

@Sweetpea15 thank you for the SMUT UK idea, that's certainly something I could look into and I'll look into erotica writers right after Xmas x

MrsDaveGrohl78 Mon 24-Dec-18 12:56:02

Oh I changed my username from my Halloween one 😂 I'm the OP, promise!

JenniferWhite Fri 12-Jul-19 03:57:58

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