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Any freelance copywriters/transcribers out there?

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mmmgoats Tue 13-Nov-18 09:21:52

Are you too finding it as tough to get work as I am at the moment?! For the first time since I went freelance I'm starting to genuinely panic a bit rather than just having a wobble.

Usually at this time of year I'm pretty busy lining up new bookings for the new year but the silence is deafening.

* Runs off to buy lottery tickets *

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LMW1990 Thu 15-Nov-18 09:30:27

You are not alone!!!

One of the agencies i work for sent an email out asking if anyone wanted extra work up to the Christmas period. I replied that I did and since then I haven't had a single file, never mind anything extra.

I'm also at my wits end with late payers. One in particular has 3 outstanding invoices but sent me more minutes this week which, due to the above, I can't afford to turn down. I have clear 7 day Invoice terms. Most have no issue and I'm not even sure what the issue is with this one. They were definitely paying them on Tuesday. So far, nothing.

susan198130 Tue 20-Nov-18 16:45:57

I do transcription work from home and have noticed the work has been a little on the slow side. I only work for transcription agencies, and work for quite a few so have managed to get enough work, but definitely quieter. I don't remember it being like this before either. The lead up to Christmas is usually mega busy.

LMW1990 Wed 21-Nov-18 17:03:52

Out of interest which agencies are you guys with?

PiperPublickOccurrences Fri 23-Nov-18 07:43:48

December has always been a very quiet month for me. November's been busy so far but I can feel it starting to tail off.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Fri 23-Nov-18 15:06:59

I'm super-quiet, luckily I took a p/t contract three months ago so that's basically keeping the lights on. I'm doing loads of case studies for the agencies I work for, which means they're super-quiet and touting for business too.

Bexta147 Sat 24-Nov-18 21:34:20

With the agency I’m with I’ve been busy the past three weeks. A lot of our business comes in from America so we will be quiet this week with thanksgiving but then it will pick up again before going quiet Christmas time. I’ve had quite a bit of freelance work too.
I’m wanting to get on with a few more agnecies for quiet times, not that I have many usually but there’s that many I don’t know which to go with.

LanceStatersGold Tue 27-Nov-18 10:27:36

I’ve had more new projects but am
finding my retainers are slipping off at the moment / the new clients just want one-offs. December is looking very quiet.

Am planning to do some more marketing qualifications and spread into more ‘whole package branding’ as it seems that that’s what everyone wants at the moment.

Newyearnewbrain Sun 02-Dec-18 23:05:03

I'm a freelance blogger working for an agency with a few regular magazine features. I'm considering topping up with Copify but I find it so mind numbing! Anyone else do Copify type stuff?

AlwaysOneMissing Sun 02-Dec-18 23:13:51

Wow, I’ve just looked at copify- the prices they charge their customers are so low! What do they pay us copywriters?

I’m struggling a bit at the moment too. I’m quite new though and so far I’ve found that agencies pay so little it just isn’t worth it. Am I looking in the wrong places?

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