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Maternity for the self employed

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ERachel Mon 12-Nov-18 20:22:10

Hi guys,

Completely new here but wondering if anyone can relate/advise. Myself and my H2B are looking to start a family soon. I am a self employed music teacher and teach instrumental lessons in my home and in a music shop nearby. My dilemma is I’m struggling to see how I will cope with a newborn baby and working. My other half doesn’t earn enough to cover all our expenses and obviously the maternity allowance is hardly enough money to make much of a help. The other issue of course is losing students through a period of not working. When the baby is here I won’t be able to have him/her with me whilst I work and I’m going to have to start working again extremely quickly after giving birth to get by it seems. Having a slight panic that I can’t start a family and keep my work. Any advice? Anyone been in a similar situation? How did you do it?

Thanks in advance...

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Pythonesque Mon 12-Nov-18 22:09:00

Some years ago we had a teacher in your position. IIRC she arranged for another teacher to cover most of her lessons for about 1 term, then went back to teaching. I'm not sure what she did for childcare but at least some of it was home-based, and also juggling time with her partner. A little bit of teaching done at home too I think.

Good luck finding an approach that would work for you.

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