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Has anyone set up a boutique or clothes market stall?

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smiley12345 Sat 10-Nov-18 18:28:55

I think there is a real gap in our area for independent nice clothes. I've just bought some nice stuff from a market stall in another area and also I've been to a boutique shop in another area which looks like it's doing well.

I would like to give it a try. How do i start? Where do I find suppliers. Will I have to fork out a lot of money to buy stock?

Any advice welcomed

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ducky21 Mon 12-Nov-18 09:35:28

maybe approach your local council to apply for a spot at your local market if there is one or find out about regular car boots you could do a pitch at. I would say you would need some money up front initially to pay for some stock and to pay for your pitch. Good luck!

user1457017537 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:00:31

The public in the present economic climate expect really low prices and don’t really care about quality.

I agree with you that there is a gap for boutiques but the reality of the high street is really depressing. Parking is really difficult for example. I found a really lovely little bookshop in the week and spent £50 in there. I went back yesterday to bpurchase a children’s book I had seen. However I couldn’t look at the children’s books because several people had bought their children in who were laying over the floor reading. This is what library’s are for. What I’m trying to say is the shop lost a paying customer as I couldn’t get near stock. It’s lovely to see children reading. Stock was on the floor. I’m not grumpy and love children but this was not ideal for a business. If it was clothes you can only imagine.

I wouldn’t invest money in a shop and I have had several retail units in the past. I would recommend starting an on-line boutique. Get a good website and this will probably be expensive. You will also need a room/studio in your home. I would combine a home office in your own home to start with if you can. Also look into a pop up shop and only sign a licence never get locked into a lease. Hope this helps. I hope I haven’t been too negative but people lose their life savings/redundancy money all the time.
Good luck.

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