If you have your own domain name, who do you use for email hosting?

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Dotte Wed 17-Oct-18 14:48:09

I did try Gmail but it was a bit of a faff to set up, outlook looks the same and I have heard that it isn't 100% reliable. ICloud don't do business.

Currently I have found a free trail with FastMail. Any other really easy and fast to use ideas would be great too before I decide.

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akkakk Wed 17-Oct-18 15:00:10

Office 365 is the most reliable and competent currently...
We run it for a number of our clients

Dotte Wed 17-Oct-18 16:47:24

Thank you! your post prompted me to have another look at 365, I had Office already so setting up the email was actually really easy. Task complete!

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akkakk Wed 17-Oct-18 23:11:37

nice and easy! glad it worked

Justgivemeasoddingname Thu 01-Nov-18 11:34:38

I use a lovely wee company local to me in the Scottish Highlands who charge me £20 per year for my domain and 3 email addresses. They are always there on the phone to help me implement it in to my Windows Mail and on my phone email because I'm a total technophobe. I find it so useful to be able to speak to someone and to know it's being looked at by a human.

They're called Calico, website www.cali.co.uk and all contact info is on there.

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