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Nails or brows?

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bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 04:10:20

I only have the money to do one either beauty VTCT and brows plus threading or VTCT beauty with nails and gel plus tips. Which would you go for? I can't get either funded so am paying outright which is why I can only do one of the 2. Nails are more expensive, both come with full training and kit.

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sunshineandshowers21 Sun 14-Oct-18 04:19:32

my sister in law is a mobile beautician and nails have always been her biggest money maker. she does eyebrows too but finds that people are more willing to spend money on nails than eyebrows. most people i know wouldn’t pay over about £8 for standard (not tattooed/micro blades etc) eyebrows - especially as most town centres have shops that do threading for £3 and waxing for £5. my sister in law has also recently branched out into false eyelashes and said that she pretty much made her money back on the course within weeks.

bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 04:27:20

My friend does eyelashes and said the same we are thinking of opening a shop someday so nails does make better sense for me. I used to be a hairdresser but have a repetitive strain injury although it has improved and might go back to doing some odd hair jobs too. My only other skills are cleaning, waitressing and retail and hard to fit around school times etc. x

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sunshineandshowers21 Sun 14-Oct-18 04:41:42

my sister in law and her friend recently opened a little salon - she does eyebrows/lashes/massages and her friend exclusively does nails and her friend has a stream of clients everyday. she got most of her clients through photographing her work and then advertising her services on facebook and instagram. i think nails would probably be your best bet at the moment - you can always train further in the future when you have more time/money.

bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 04:54:44

That's true. I prefer getting my brows/lashes done because tips annoy me but I do love a shellac polish. That said, I think having crazy tips would get in the way of me doing nails myself while I'm getting started. I can't wait to have my own shop one day, I've always wanted one but didn't know what doing. I used to want a hairdressers but can't do too much cutting now and people spend so much more on beauty than they do on hair these days it's mad! I don't know anyone who skimps out to get their highlights done, but everyone's poor after going to the nail shop!

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SD1978 Sun 14-Oct-18 05:05:22

Personally- it's eyebrows for me because they are more obvious and make me feel better. Nails are nice, but no one sees them unless I'm a role where you look at hands. Everyone sees brows.

Jakethekid Sun 14-Oct-18 06:03:53

Depending where you are you would need to choose mainly on the basis of being a mobile beautician. Most towns now are way over populated with nail shops and eye brow shops, everyone is doing it and doing it for cheap. It's quite hard to find your corner in the market now and if you plan on investing in a shop you need to be fairly sure you can afford it.

Obviously not all towns are like this but from my experience (my in laws own nail shops ) most towns here are full to the brim.

bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 08:41:25

I think it might be an idea to use the nails to cover costs and fund doing the eyelashes and brows because the whole package is better. Both offer beauty VTCT alongside and I can already do up dos, plaiting/braiding, wedding/occasion hair and some cutting/colouring if I need to. End up a jack of all trades confused

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