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littlemisscomper Sun 07-Oct-18 13:14:59

I've had this idea for a little while. I think it's totally pie in the sky to be honest but at least if I learn there's no way it can happen I can stop thinking about it. Basically, I was wondering about running a creche/stay-and-play in a commercial premises. I live rurally and there's nothing similar here abouts at all. The nearest soft play is 40 minutes drive away! The building I was thinking of to rent is inbetween a cafe and a beauticians. They're in the middle of the countryside but with a cluster of villages around, and along the main road to town. I was thinking in terms of the business being part 'stay and play' (somewhere for parents and childminders to bring the children on wet days, just for a couple of hours change of scene without a long drive) and part creche (where I and any helpers would be in sole charge while the parent unwinds in the cafe or has a treatment in the salon). The thing is I don't know if I'd even cover my overheads (the rent would be around £6000pa, and that's not including water and electric, insurance and possible employees wages, never mind the startup costs.)

I know literally nothing about running a business but I can't stop thinking about it. How can I find out more about what'd be involved? Is it at all possible I'd get a government grant for a creche? I mean it's not like a nursery that would provide all day childcare to allow parents to work!

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Mama1980 Sun 07-Oct-18 13:34:33

No real advice sorry, but there is something like this local to me in the next village (I also live rurally) that is always busy and very popular it has been there years. So i think it could work, though as i say I don't know about the practicalities.
Their cakes are really good and they offer great healthy children lunches, which tbh is why I usually go. They have a lovely role play toy kitchen, ball area, dress up section too.

Chipbutty67 Sun 04-Nov-18 15:07:48

Hi @littlemisscomper
I'm an accountant who specialises in nursery and childcare businesses including one creche and one stay and play venue.

I think you've identified a good business opportunity. There are a few considerations if you need to cover 6K rent pa )i.e. make at least 500 a month.
Stay and play: Generally, S&P sessions cost around 2 per child. If you can get 10 children a week, thats 80 a month.
Creche: This is sometimes a tricky proposition. Ofstead requires you to have a minimum staff to child ratio, depending on age. With a creche, you need to know in advance how many children will attend each day to sort out staffing. Would you have staff available nearby to work variable hours day to day?

There are other ideas you can use to generate income, such as letting the site to children's class providers when not in use etc. PM me if you need more details.

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