Career change at 46?

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Skyrabbit Thu 04-Oct-18 18:15:01

Hi, I'm well and truly fed up with my current job (lawyer) which just sucks any creativity or enjoyment from me.

I'd love to change career, but have no idea what to! I'm a single parent and couldn't afford to go back to uni or do training where I wasn't paid a lot. I rather suspect I'm chasing the golden snitch and that in reality I should stay in my current career, but the thought of it is sooo depressing!!

Any tips for career coaches that don't cost the earth/figuring out my skill set/practical changes I can make??!!

Has anyone else successfully career changed at this age??

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DC18 Fri 05-Oct-18 00:34:24

Could you utilise your knowledge of the law to go in to a career in advocacy etc? There will be loads of opportunities for your skillset that doesn't necessarily mean retraining. I used to work with an ex lawyer who now reforms social policies as part of the council x

Skyrabbit Fri 05-Oct-18 10:57:59

Hi, thanks for replying! I've applied for loads of jobs within the local authority, but I just get nowhere. My cv just says lawyer over and over, and any non law jobs just see that I think. I don't really know how to get around that. I've tried a skills based cv, I've tried a covering letter that explains why I think my skills would work in the role and why I'd like to sidestep from law, but nada 🙄

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kentparent Sat 19-Jan-19 02:38:13

Hello. I've had two big career changes, the most recent being at 46. I left a role as a clinician to work for a regulator and have since decided not to renew my professional registration so no going back for me. What help d me was working part time as a clinician meant I didn't notice the drop in pay as I now work full time. I had a lot of transferable skills but I do sometimes miss the respect that I got as a clinician whereas now I'm not seen as a specialist. I would think as a lawyer you would have a ton of useful skills and could get a role somewhere like the civil service as a manager or policy advisor easily. Especially preparing for Brexit. Good luck and if you feel like a change just do it. Don't worry about age you have years of employment left and there's no longer a career for life mentality IMO.

Sunflower678 Fri 15-Feb-19 03:55:46

Third sector? I have seen lawyers applying for jobs. They are usually pretty good applications but can lack people skills/passion for the role. Do keep trying, lawyers have excellent training smile

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