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Well that's us screwed

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nonameisbetterthanmyname Fri 28-Sep-18 20:24:44

DH has a construction business which is still fairly new. He has one small client which will bring in nominal work and another client which should make us decent money but not until next year. His main client has been providing most of our income over the last six months but has just gone bust - owing us nearly 25 grand. He’s not answering calls or emails, has gone to ground completely. What do we do now?
DH’s had an interview for a paye job but there aren’t too many roles as well remunerated as he is. I can’t see how we’ll be able to cover our expenditure ( big mortgage, large family, DD at Uni - nothing else extravagant nowhere really to make cut backs). I’m trying to help but have nothing valuable to offer really - other than get a job myself. Any helpful advice lovely MNers

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Spiritedhorse Fri 28-Sep-18 20:31:03

Every single human in this planet has something valuable to offer. Find what it is and do it. It will change the way you speak about yourself and will hopefully contribute to your family wellbeing. biscuit

LtGreggs Fri 28-Sep-18 20:31:23

So sorry to hear that. It's a big risk that new/small businesses take (we run one ourselves).

Get some advise about getting a claim in to get what you are owed - call the FSB if a member, or your insurer?

And yes, you'll need to do whatever it takes to keep the family afloat. Job for you. Fingers crossed for husband. Sell something (car, house?)

Stay strong, try not to panic.

nonameisbetterthanmyname Fri 28-Sep-18 20:54:27

Spiritedhorse thanks for that. I would say I already contribute to my family’s wellbeing on account of keeping them all warm, clean, fed, watered and educated. Amongst everything else. I meant I can’t offer any further help or knowledge with sorting out our business finances that he doesn’t know already
LtGreggs. Thanks for your post. I will check if we are FSB members unfortunately it doesn’t ring a bell so I doubt it. We have been contacted by the liquidators about putting in a claim but it is likely to be pennies on the pound if anything. We already sold a car a few months ago ( for other reasons) so it just a case of not buying another one for a while. We’ve had to secure an overdraft with a personal guarantee which is a bit unnerving but pays the mortgage this month. I did work nights for a year when the youngest DC were little so that I could still look after them. Now they’re all at school that might be a bit easier so I could look at that again. And definitely fingers crossed.

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eelbecomingforyou Fri 28-Sep-18 23:27:10

How long has the 25k been building up for? When did he last pay you? Oh dear. So sorry to hear this.

nonameisbetterthanmyname Sat 29-Sep-18 11:04:11

It came out of nowhere really. The first we suspected anything was wrong was when he didn’t pay us August’s money but he said he would get it sorted. Then two weeks ago an apology for the money being late but a promise to make good and now September’s money is due ( DH kept working on the projects ) nothing - email accounts deactivated, offices locked etc. It looks like he was moving money around his other companies until it all went pop! It’s the total lack of communication that is hard to understand really.
We are at the max on all our personal debt it’s not going to be long before we can’t meet our essential payments. angry

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