Go Daddy- anyone had issues?

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QueenoftheNights Tue 18-Sep-18 16:25:39

I've posted this is Start ups but it's not a busy forum.

I bought a domain from them and it's a website I don't use that often (in fact I've binned it.) The renewal for the domain came through recently. I was in 2 minds whether to hold onto it or not and decided not to.

I had a terrible job with GD trying to cancel the domain and in the end paid for a year just to end my frustration.

This is what happened:
went into my account with correct p-word.
clicked on renewal and tried to 'end' the auto renewal by selecting that tab. Got a message saying 'that service not available at present'. WTF?

Called them and the auto answer would not accept my PIN despite it being correct so put in a long queue to speak to someone.

At this point gave up, tried my PIN again, same result.

In the end I opted out of the 2-year default domain renewal and chose 12 months (partly as I'm a bit undecided whether to resurrect the site or not.)

HOWEVER, my point is- are GD making it nigh impossible to stop the auto renewal?

I have had this before with other domain companies where it is incredibly complicated to stop payment. ( 1-2-3. com for example.)

As it happened I had to do something as the card I had used 2 years is now out of date. I was a bit worried by their email saying I'd have to pay over £60 if I missed the renewal date PLUS the cost of the domain. I wasn't sure if they would land me with a debt or if the whole thing would just disappear as my old card doesn't exist now.

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