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IT systems and apps for Playgroup/After School Club/Hall hire

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Littlemisssunshine123 Sun 09-Sep-18 18:46:34

Our local community are bringing together several children’s organisations into one charity (playgroup, after school club, children’s hall for hire and centre for sharing info about what’s available locally for kids).

We are looking for advice on IT systems which might help eg.
- website developer/host with links to calendars and online booking etc
- email server (eg
- online secure personal data storage of kids and staff details
- online calendar of local events/weekly activities for kids of various ages
- shared documents storage so staff and committee members can work from the same centrally stored documents
- bookkeeping (currently using zero)
- time sheet recording fir staff
- online booking and invoicing system for parents to use
- anything else we might need

There aRe loads of packages out there but I have no idea where to start! Anyone with experience using anything they’d recommend or avoid?

We have no office, so work is done by staff and committee members on their home computers.

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Littlemisssunshine123 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:06:03

I should add, although this is a non-profit organisation led by volunteers, I am running it as a new business and am running into many of the same issues as profit making start ups do - I hope it’s ok to post on this forum but it seemed the most appropriate!

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