Any architects about? Would you employ me?

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colouringinpro Thu 06-Sep-18 22:07:00

Just that really. Looking to make a career change (mid 40s). Happy to start at the bottom.

I would Really appreciate any comments, thank you.

1. I have a good BA.
2. I've strong business experience managing client projects, customer retention and marketing.
3. I'm highly creative - sell my artwork
4. Have always loved house layouts and interiors, starting with many Lego houses as a child.
5. Designed and project managed own house extension.
6. Now advise to friends and family with extension/remodelling projects. From initial ideas through to hand-drawn plans. A) Single storey side extension on semi.
B) Extending small third bedroom into loft space.
C) Kitchen diner extension into garden, glass wall to rear.
7. Excellent appreciation of space, light and colour.
8. Undertaken Technical Drawing course at KLC School of Design.
9. Self taught VectorWorks and Sketchup.
10. Highly motivated and good team player.

Thanks again!

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colouringinpro Fri 07-Sep-18 09:27:45

Bumping for morning people!

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colouringinpro Fri 07-Sep-18 13:17:52


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Wauden Thu 13-Sep-18 19:23:01

I am not an architect, but know a little about them.
Could you find some local architectural offices and have an informal chat? Look at the RIBA website and call them? Ask for creative ideas.
Good luck

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