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Can anyone recommend a free SQL tutorial

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EmMcK Mon 03-Sep-18 00:18:04

So, I work as a contractor to a software company. I am surrounded by bright young things for whom SQL and Python are second nature but tragically for me, these things are not so much. I have started some SQL training at work with one of the BYTs and it just isn't sticking. Can anyone please recommend a SQL tutorial I can do online to get my head around this better?

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KingIrving Mon 03-Sep-18 00:42:55

There are plenty


And the good old Alison

If you don't ask for a certificate, courses are free

EmMcK Mon 03-Sep-18 01:18:52

Thanks King. There seemed to be a lot out there, and some looked pretty dubious. Will check these out.

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VimFuego101 Mon 03-Sep-18 01:20:39

W3schools for beginner level sql. Second the coursera recommendation for python.

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