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Help with getting into work

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Vulty2018 Sat 25-Aug-18 01:17:28

Hi guys, not sure if I'm on the right thread.

Basically I have what can be severe anxiety. I am a lot better now than what I was. But I am still terrified of getting a job. My little girl started school last week and I really want to work. I am currently on sick pay due to my mental health and I will be getting help from my work coach and GP to ease myself into work. My problem is I really need a 10-2 job ideally. Which is hard enough but I am also scared to work in shops and dealing with public. My daughters dad was abusive so I am always worried about having to deal with him or his family. I don't drive so I am limited on distance also. I can't put my child into childcare either as she's went through enough in her wee life without having to deal with something else.

So really all I am asking is has anyone else been in my position? and what type of work do you recommend for someone with anxiety that could easily crumble lol!

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AjasLipstick Sat 25-Aug-18 03:55:51

I think you're going too fast OP. You're on sick pay because you've got anxiety....the work coach will be the one to help you find something suitable. Do you have any experience or qualiications?

If not then what about call centre work?Or cleaning? Cleaning can be very lucrative if you set up on your own....yes you have to speak to clients when you first visit them to see their house and meet them but other than that, you're largely working on your own.

Your job coach could help you get onto a job centre course to help you start a small business.

RedPill Sat 25-Aug-18 04:17:31

Agree with PP about not rushing. You may want to think about volunteering, you could do this at your daughters school and would be something good for your CV

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