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AAT qualifications

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TheWanderlust Wed 22-Aug-18 20:27:42

I've recently discovered I'm pregnant and have shared the news with my employer who promptly told me that after Mat leave, full time hours over 5 days is the only option. Flexible working/ reduced hours will not be considered.

I really enjoy finances / numbers based things and have always thought about working in the accountancy sector.

I'm currently thinking that this could be my opportunity to retrain before/during Mat leave and would really like to hear others experiences of studying AAT level 2/3 qualifications and if they were beneficial to your career?

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Movingto Mon 03-Dec-18 23:40:16

Hi Op. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Did you start any AAT course or do you think its worth it?
I would like to retrain after having 2 DC.
I am looking to study for an AAT level 2 and 3 qualification, but i am also worried that i will not find a job after finishing the course.

TheWanderlust Tue 04-Dec-18 22:17:35

@Movingto I didn't secure a place unfortunately as they were over subscribed.

However we went through a restructure at work and I am in a completely different role now which I can do part time after Mat leave if I wish so my circumstances are far more settled now than they were.

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Movingto Tue 04-Dec-18 22:35:27

I am glad that things worked out for you.
Thanks for your answer. All the best.

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