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What level Apprenticeship?

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Judder Tue 21-Aug-18 21:50:09

DS has just got 2 A levels and definitely doesn't want to go to Uni. I've been trying to look through Apprenticeships for him but no matter how much I research I can't work out what 'level' he should apply for. Is an 'Advanced level' apprenticeship for post GCSE? In that case, what is the next step, for someone with 2 A levels? thanks in advance for any help.

catslife Sat 25-Aug-18 14:11:18

If it helps dd has 3 A levels and is applying for level 3 apprenticeships.
I think it depends on whether the A levels are directly relevant whether they should consider level 4 e.g. if he has A level computer science or BTEC level 3 IT then a level 4 may be appropriate.
Also there seem to be much fewer advertised posts for level 4 / degree apprenticeships than level 3 and they seem to be asking for higher grades e.g. equivalent to 3Cs (or above).

HipHopTheHippieToTheHipHipHop Sun 26-Aug-18 21:21:27

Don’t get caught up on the apprenticeship level, except for a few jobs that need a specific qualification (plumber / electrician / gas repairs etc) the work experience is far, far more valuable than some NVQ or whatever.

This is definitely the case for office based roles in marketing, sales, business admin etc.

Kezzie200 Fri 28-Sep-18 22:19:56

He really ought to be looking himself. Apprenticeships are very competitive, especially the good ones, and employers are looking for mature, passionate individuals as they are throwing themselves into the world of work at the same time as study. So, it needs to be the time he steps up to doing research into what he wants to do.

He should be able to get advice from his school or colleges careers or apprenticeship department as well as online help websites.

My childrens college also had some employers signed up, so they offered access to the whole package. These were local opportunities rather than the big national companies.

adaisy1394 Fri 28-Sep-18 22:25:50

If he is going for something he has no previous qualification in or experience he will need to start at L2 or at a push L3. If he already has quals in that area he may not be able to do an equivalent apprenticeship as apprenticeships are funded based on retraining and upskilling. Agree also with previous posters, apprenticeships are very competitive and driven ultimately by employers so your son really needs to get to grips with this himself and make the required enquiries independently really.

adaisy1394 Fri 28-Sep-18 22:30:06

Also, best place to look for live apprenticeship vacancies is the national apprenticeship service website, all vacancies through all providers and employers are obliged to be advertised here. It’s a gov website you can find by googling “find an apprenticeship” then your son needs to make an account to make applications, he should make as many as possible as you would for applying for jobs. Each vacancy should state it’s entry requirements which are usually in line with both employer and training provider so that will give him an idea of what’s appropriate to apply for.

Firefliess Sat 29-Sep-18 22:18:43

In theory you can go from Alevels on to a level 4/5 apprenticeship (called a degree apprenticeship). But my DS has found them to be very competitive and mainly looking for applicants with A grades at Alevels.

He's been applying for level 3 ones instead. Like your DS, he has just done Alevels and seems very sure he doesn't want to go to uni. He's not really enjoyed the independent studying aspect of sixth form and got middling grades (B, C, D)

But he's just been offered a level 3 apprenticeship for a biotec company and is super excited about it smile It's in theory a sideways move as he will get a BTEC in science, which is equivalent to Alevels. But the advert for the apprenticeship said they'd prefer someone with an Alevel already. And he can progress on to a degree apprenticeship in two years time of he wants, or change his mind and go to uni And it's a job on a decent wage (£15k) which he's really pleased about. I don't think there's so much competition for the level 3 apprenticeships as there is for degree apprenticeships

gamerwidow Sat 29-Sep-18 22:32:49

Level 3 if it's a subject he knows nothing about or Level 4 if it is in the same subject as his A levels.
I've recently employed 2 Level 3 apprentices in NHS admin roles. At level 3 we ask for Maths and English Grade C as the minimum qualification.

Have a look at this is who we recruit via.

flamingnoravera Sun 21-Oct-18 21:23:14

Not all employers advertise on the dot gov website, they may have an obligation but they don't do it. Prospective applicants need to look wider, companies own websites, UCAS, college websites and agencies all need to be searched to find vacancies.
I think young people have been badly misinformed about the reality of finding and securing apprenticeship places- they are competitive and can't be seen as "I'll just get an apprenticeship" it just isn't that easy.

Lucyccfc Mon 12-Nov-18 21:29:14

Level 4 is HNC and level 5 is foundation degree. My company offers advanced apprenticeships (level 3), then followed by a level 6 (degree).

With A levels people can apply for an apprenticeship degree (level 6). You don't need A grades. For a quantity surveying Apprenticeship degree you need 104 UCAS points with Salford Uni for the B.Engineering (civics) you need 120 UCAS points with Liverpool JM.

Kezzie200 Mon 12-Nov-18 22:16:35

In reality what are the grades that successful applicants actually have? Do you know?

flamingnoravera Fri 16-Nov-18 19:30:55

@Kezzie200 the higher the level outcome the higher grades the applicants will need. The degree apprenticeships are attracting A grade students at A level because it's a free degree with pay, so very attractive and therefore competitive. Hundreds of applicants for single places, so employers can be very picky.

onaroll Tue 29-Jan-19 00:32:27

My son is doing a level 6 ( degree ) apprenticeship.
He’s in his 2nd year - to date all going well ( both Uni & work.)
For those asking , he found it on the ‘yougov’ website.
He wanted a level 6 apprenticeship but applied for many. ( Levels 4 & above. ) As he knew how competitive they are to get into.
He was adament he did not want to go to Uni ( didn’t apply ) - but wanted a degree.

Someone asked the question - what exams/ grades get these apprenticeships ?
My son does not have ANY A’levels but he does have a BTEC extended diploma ( grade D*D*D*. )
The selection process was tough. 2 rounds of online tests , a telephone interview then finally a full day of interviews ( with different members/ departments). He described it like ‘the apprentice’ tv show interviews. They wanted to find out about ‘him’ - not him on paper.

They knew ( at interview) he had applied for a number, he was told he would find out within the month. He was rung & offered the next day.
Obviously, it does all come down to UCAS points ( for the degree / Uni / criteria) .
He was offered before traditional exam / results.
He knew what levels he was working on his BTEC course -so had a very good idea of his predicted final grades. A couple others also offered the apprenticeship could not take it up come A’level results day: their results didn’t give the required UCAS points.

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