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Zebrafrog Tue 21-Aug-18 18:40:29

I have what I think could potentially be a great business idea. Im almost scared to share and scared to start.

I've always wanted my own business. And now the idea has come to me.

I need to talk to someone who can give me the confidence to do it. Do these people exist?

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BiddisLifestyle Fri 24-Aug-18 08:44:25

Hate to read and run. Yes people do exist. Where are you based ? What are you wanting to do for your business? I’m a new starter. It’s scary but worth it.

angietaffs Thu 30-Aug-18 12:30:24

Hi Zebrafrog

I am more than happy to talk through your idea with you. If you go to my About page and scroll to the bottom, you can book a complimentary call so I can help you get your idea off the ground.

And being scared is part of the natural process but also means you could be on to something very exciting.

angietaffs Thu 30-Aug-18 12:31:03

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annateresa Wed 30-Jan-19 17:24:35

How is it going? Are you winning? Is your business a success? You can ask me any question you have. I have been there and done it all.

Frazzled2207 Wed 30-Jan-19 17:38:00

I did it but it was a franchise I bought which is somewhat low risk. A proven formula, they tell you what to do. But you have to pay them a significant % on an ongoing basis.
A year on, no regrets at all. The one thing I would say however is that it's all consuming and almost impossible to totally switch off from. And having to do everything myself is exhausting at times. But you will get out of it what you put in, broadly

EsLewis Tue 05-Feb-19 14:55:22

It's daunting but so exciting! The key thing is to find a strong support network of other people who knows what it takes and you can learn from both their successes and mistakes. There are so many events and networks for people in your position that offer the advice and resources that will help you navigate the first steps.
If you can make it to South West London in March I know there is a programme of events for aspiring and established business owners that has many free events on many specific topics, like starting up to how to build a website for your business, as well as one-to-one advice sessions with various experts. The website is

Good luck and be brave!

Edita14 Fri 22-Feb-19 22:51:39

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joshua27 Tue 05-Mar-19 16:27:15

I would do a search for your local enterprise agency. The council will know who they are. They will offer you free advice & guidance to set up a business, legalities, business plans etc as well as Where to network and any training courses available.
It’s a confidenential service so you can discuss whatever you wish!

I am such business advisor at an enterprise agency, I get so many people terrified of telling me their idea for fear of it being stolen, believe me, we aren’t interested in stealing your idea, if we were that way inclinded we would have run with the first business idea we spoke about!

Go for it! It’s worth the risk, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Both me & my partner are self employed and wouldn’t change it.

NeenaSh Thu 07-Mar-19 21:14:18

I recently started my own business and am happy to offer any advice I can. The first thing I did was to get an accountant who has proved invaluable

RomanyQueen1 Fri 05-Apr-19 16:02:21

Does anybody know how to find out laws that apply to specific businesses.
I'm looking at starting spiritual services from tarot, palm and tea leaf reading to presentations on choosing different forms of spiritual guidance.
I know I will need public liability, but don't know about anything else.

Novae Thu 25-Apr-19 14:31:15

I agree with other replies, that's a nice idea but it's really a long and hard work to make a new company successful. You need to have a start capital, be ready for working hard almost every day for a long time and be patient too because no company will become extremely successful and profitable fast. The main thing is to find an interesting/original idea which can be competitive in a certain sphere, that's why it's not enough just to set a goal, you should have knowledge about your certain sphere and general competition in it, without this there's a risk that your company will fail rather fast. Another key things are creating a professional work team, network for your clients/customers and partners, developing a good management system which will be the basis for effective and profitable functioning of your whole company and putting much energy/money in advertising, paying too less attention to the last one is a common fatal mistake for many startups. And well-made advertising is one of the main things for any successful business development, for example with the help of social media marketing you can understand how to find your target audience and increase your sales, improve your reputation and brand loyalty, and many more.
Also you need to have a good general business plan and be careful with your budget for at least several first years .

Startupagency Fri 14-Jun-19 13:56:38

Hi everyone,
ive been a private nanny and governess for the past 10 years, i now after years of seaching and hoping, have a very brilliant business partner to work with, who knows the industry as well as i do.
I wonder if anybody is there for help and advice in starting up!

anything you would like to see from an agency?

StevenWilson Wed 28-Aug-19 06:16:28

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Hypcoach Sat 31-Aug-19 13:49:44

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Hypcoach Sat 31-Aug-19 13:53:46

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