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carolinebullen Tue 21-Aug-18 14:19:14


I am currently undertaking an MSc in Business Management at the University of Hull and am at the dissertation portion of my studies. For my dissertation, I am looking into ‘mumpreneurs’ and mothers (and fathers) who have started a business whilst also caring for their children. I was wondering if you would be willing to participate and aid me in my research by answering some questions relating to this topic and your business decisions/venture. The answers will remain anonymous and no names will be used in the dissertation. Raw research may be viewed by my supervisor but aside from that, all participants names and details will be kept confidential.
I appreciate the time taken to even read this message, and if you do feel like contributing to my research then a massive thank you! If you do not feel like contributing, that is not a problem, thank you for reading this and carry on doing what you do.

Kind Regards,
Caroline Bullen

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