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Tax free child care for self employed

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NotAllIndividuals Thu 16-Aug-18 15:38:35

Just wondering if anyone has done this and what the process is like? What happens if you work less than the minimum? I'm going to be restarting my business soon after mat leave but I know it will take some time to build up so I don't expect to earn the £120ish per week. I've looked all over and it seems to work on a honour system where you tick a box to say your circumstances haven't changed but at some point if things don't work out is that going to come back to bite me? Just looking for anyone who has navigated it for a rough guide. Thanks!

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NotAllIndividuals Thu 16-Aug-18 15:40:01

Sorry, should have said I don't expect to earn the minimum every week. Some weeks will be more though, all being well!

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NotAllIndividuals Tue 28-Aug-18 21:22:18

Shame, no experience of this then? Any suggestions about where I could post to hear from someone?

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confusedmomm Tue 28-Aug-18 22:42:07

Make sure your accountant knows that you need to make x per month as they can help you even out any annual amount to reach that. What would cost you more - the extra tax, or the paid childcare? If the latter your accountant is the person to talk to.

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