Starting new career and training later in life?

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DazzlingMilton Mon 06-Aug-18 23:03:39

Following, the one things to remember is training for midwifery takes a long time (3y?) so it’s worth starting early then once your children are school age you can be working in the field. also not all midwives do shift work eg community midwives, I suspect you’d need experience in hospital setting for good period of time ideally. Good luck

LMN2286 Mon 06-Aug-18 22:44:53

I feel drawn towards going into midwifery but am just too worried about the commitments with a family. I don't want to regret having a career (especially as I haven't had anything meaningful work-wise pre children either) but I'm worried the guilt of missing things with kids will just eat me up too much inside. I keep thinking hypothetically I could wait until they were older perhaps at secondary school then they may not 'need' me as much as when they are younger but we are talking mid 40s by then. Are there any older midwives on here who started their career and training in for example their mid- late 40s and either regretted it for leaving it so long/felt past it/out of place or whether you actually embraced finally going for it and having a career for the last 10 years of your working life?

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