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GrannyFran1 Thu 02-Aug-18 13:42:52

I am at the embryo stages of forming my doll company. How do you guys do research on mumsnet without giving your idea away?

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SmallStepsBigChanges Fri 17-Aug-18 09:18:50

I've been relatively open with my idea and tend to just ask questions. I'm don't really talk about specific USPs though. I guess the level of secrecy depends on your idea?

Thesuzle Fri 17-Aug-18 11:25:59

Can’t help on research part but can offer you business to business shipping at reduced rates,
I work with all the reputable shipping giants but pass on the discounts to SME’s
Good luck at come back to me when you are up and running (its my own company btw)

Thesuzle Fri 17-Aug-18 11:26:49

Oh from watching dragons den etc, get a patent asap.

GrannyFran1 Sat 18-Aug-18 17:41:24

Thank you guys for your kind replies. Will fill you in in the next few weeks. My product is for children and bless them they are so honest but gave me good feedback.

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