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Anyone work with a French supplier and give me a view on customer service standards?

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Mumfun Tue 31-Jul-18 11:24:45

Hi I work with a number of overseas suppliers who are generally very professional .

I work with one French company which were fine for several years. But now I have constant issues. I have one customer service contact there.

I like the product they sell me and it sells well so want to continue.

I have chosen to suck up some really unacceptable stuff including overcharging me and really poor service from them including blaming me for delivery problems which were the shipper and agents fault. But I did point out that the had happened and that they were not my fault.

Basically I don't see any point in escalating the problem any higher in the company as I think they would not care and would likely stop supplying me - the customer service contact I deal with has said as much.

Anyone work with a French supplier and have any views?

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