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24 hour nursery?

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SGGORE Sat 21-Jul-18 21:12:36

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supercalifragilistic2 Sat 21-Jul-18 21:14:43

Done smile

takenitall Sat 21-Jul-18 21:24:09

I've done it too
Great idea

Stupidusername1 Sat 21-Jul-18 21:26:59


GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sat 21-Jul-18 21:32:54

Will you be looking at costs and sustainability? I’d be interested to see those.

RiaEvaCol Sat 21-Jul-18 21:35:15

Done smile

december212 Sat 21-Jul-18 21:45:13

Done. Great idea!

CaitlinsYellowSocks Sun 22-Jul-18 05:24:41

Done. Personally I don't think I would use a 24 hour service - I would rather children were with family/friends if we needed to be away from them overnight. Assuming overnight care would either be for people who work nights, or for emergencies/one-offs?

But would like longer and more flexible opening hours, including weekends, option for holiday care or ad hoc care - my son's at a term time only nursery and we are finding summer holiday care really difficult (mix of parents helping, working from home, play schemes, holidays etc.)

Newmanwannabe Sun 22-Jul-18 05:28:08

It is a very good idea and option for shift workers such as nurses and police. They are slowly appearing. Onsite, at a hospital would be amazing.

PrincessHairyMclary Sun 22-Jul-18 05:42:39

Our local hospital has an onsite nursery with longer opening and closing time for the staff. I've often wondered what they do with their children if they are on a night shift as many will have moved into the area away from their family and support system. So hospital grounds might be a good place to locate your 24h nursery, lots of potential customers.

PrincessHairyMclary Sun 22-Jul-18 05:43:20

Cross post

crocsaretoocoolforschool Sun 22-Jul-18 05:50:23

I was a retail manager when I split up with my ex
-ending my relationship also ended my career because I couldn't get childcare

I would have regularly used evening and weekend care and occasional overnights

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