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Night workers-come tell me the pros and cons...

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TheLastNigel Tue 17-Jul-18 10:30:31

Hi-I currently work as a registered care home manager-I've fine it for a long time and it is super stressful and I don't really enjoy it anymore. I also have along commute that currently costs me about £275 a month.

There is a care home very near me that is currently advertising for night staff. It would be four nights out of every 8.

I have two kids 11 and 12 and we live rurally. The hours would allow me to do School drops and pick ups every day (which I currently can't without a lot of bother). It would be a lot less stress and zero travel
It would also allow me to dispense with the dog walker which currently costs me £240 a month. (Or would it? That's one of my questions-after a night shift are you fit for anything at all during the day-do you treat mornings after you get off as day shift workers treat evenings after work in terms of being able to do stuff?)

The salary would be less but removing the commute and Dog costs I would probably come out with similar ( maybe slightly less) at the end of the month. I would certainly be less stressed.

I don't sleep well anyway so not so concerned about the lack of sleep that much.

I'm just worried about the effects of night working. Does it impact hugely on the rest of life? Social life? Body clock? Is it just generally awful? The night staff I manage seem ok- but it would be a new thing for me...

Night workers-can you please come give me some thoughts?

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FirstTimer03 Tue 17-Jul-18 10:52:02

I work shifts, both 12 hour days and nights and I much prefer the night shifts. I also commute an hour each way so essentially I work from 1645-0700. The night shifts allow me to walk the dogs first thing in a morning, then I get home and sometimes have a few beers (I treat the mornings as my evenings unless I'm knackered), then I go to bed around 0830 and get up no later than 2. This gives me plenty of time in an afternoon to do whatever needs doing - shopping etc. Which leaves my days off for leisurely activities. It's not much fun swapping from night shift mode, to trying to sleep during the night on my days off but you get used to it. Plus, surely if you work in a care home, night shifts are much easier as everyone is asleep??

TheLastNigel Tue 17-Jul-18 12:05:40

Not necessarily-depends on the service users-but you'd hope so to a certain degree.
It would be four on four off which I don't think seems that bad?
I would be home from school drop off plus Dog walk at 9.30 and would need to leave to get the girls again at 3.15 ish...which is hypothetically 6 hours sleep-(more than I get now, assuming I manage it!)

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TheLastNigel Tue 17-Jul-18 16:13:00

Hopeful bump

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TheWanderlust Sat 28-Jul-18 16:21:29

@TheLastNigel jumping on this as I'm also a care home manager looking for out. We're due our first baby early 2019 but I don't plan to return after Mat leave due to the inflexible approach of my senior managers.

Looking at night working as an alternative to spend as much time at home as possible.

CharmedMummy Sun 29-Jul-18 22:05:08

I think it's a difficult question to answer. I do both day and night shifts 12-14 hours. I don't usually sleep well at night and I do prefer nights for many reasons. One is the lack of management hindering the shift!
I manage to get home and walk the dog and then have a cup of tea to wind down if it's been a busy one. I can sometimes wake up after 3 hours and feel really rested or sleep on and off for 6 hours and feel like I haven't slept.
If you are doing 4 on 4 off, it makes it easier to get in to a rhythm. The more you do in a row the easier it is for your body to handle.
There is an abundance of research proving the negative effects night shift working has on your body.
Also, I'm sure you know. You make things work if you want them to smile good luck.

TheLastNigel Mon 30-Jul-18 07:12:24

Thanks all.
I applied for the job and didn't even get an interview because I'm over qualified sad
Will keep an eye out for other night jobs near me though as it d

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TheLastNigel Mon 30-Jul-18 07:14:17

...does seem a good option.
@TheWanderlust care home managing is not fun anymore is it?
I'm just trying to will myself to get up and get ready for work but I'm dreading it-which is no way to feel when you are looking after vulnerable people-they deserve more and I just feel I can't do it it anymore.

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TheWanderlust Mon 30-Jul-18 08:47:23

@TheLastNigel it's not fun anymore. I'm returning from annual leave today and plugged my phone in to charge... it's just buzzed through 576 emails (I was only off for 2 weeks)

Not looking forward to going in this morning at all. I should be relaxing into my pregnancy not worrying about going to work every day. And as you say, it's not fair on the vulnerable people we support. They need people to be committed 100%

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