Failed start ups and feeling despondent

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Chocolateyclaire76 Mon 16-Jul-18 20:23:45

Before having children I spent 14 yrs working within the apparel industry in London, but since having children my creativity and mojo is on the brink of vanishing.

Returning to work in London is not an option, due to the lengthy and costly commute, so I have been coming up with start up ideas. The 3 I’ve tried have all failed to progress, despite positive feedback, so now i’m left twiddling my thumbs and feeling rather depressed about the future!

So, can anyone tell me where’s the latest place for a mojo to hide?! Answers on a postcard...

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iddybiddymum Sun 22-Jul-18 21:03:46

I think it takes courage to do a start up. Obviously it depends what it is that you did, but it doesn't mean it won't take off. I did a start up catering business and I remember sometimes it would actually cost me money to work. I persevered and the following year I got a contract with a small theme park where I stayed for 2 years.
It certainly wasn't easy and I wanted to quit A LOT!

ratbaggy Sun 22-Jul-18 21:12:52

We're your 3 ideas apparel based? Would be interested to know what they were and why you think they didn't take off.

pacer142 Mon 23-Jul-18 10:59:27

The most important thing is why your 3 previous business ideas didn't work. You need to give yourself an honest evaluation of the reasons. Businesses can fail for several reasons, so unless you know what went wrong and learn from that, you'll never progress. Many successful entreprenneurs have failed businesses behind them, and it's that failure which they learn from to make successes of their later businesses.

Restorergirl Wed 15-Aug-18 12:58:28

I make and design tailor-made celebratory horseshoes (not just any old flowers and ribbons, more personal than that). Do it for friends and family and I can't find anyone at all who does what I do. Every recipient says how pretty the horseshoes are etc. but I just can't seem to be able to market myself properly. I've been to various costly exhibitions and craft stalls, Facebook pages set up by my daughter etc, but can't get myself 'out there'. I have plenty of materials and stock, sitting under my stairs doing nothing and am despairing of my hobby now, instead of enjoying my hobby, I'm not doing anything with any of it. Why is it so hard???

SmallStepsBigChanges Fri 17-Aug-18 09:50:38

I'm also very curious as to what your three failed businesses were.

There is most definitely demand for consultancy based work in apparel from entrepreneurs who are looking to start up new brands. I know this from my own research for my start up and talking to people in the Industry.

BeckEvans Sun 19-Aug-18 22:09:02

Marketing and getting a product or service in front of a wide audience cheaply is often the most difficult task of all. Do you have a link to your product or image you can share? Is it expensive to post as that may be a hindering factor. I run a busy equine website and it may be I can help you market your product.

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