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Help - Where can I buy boxes?!

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ScurfyTwiglet Mon 16-Jul-18 07:46:46

I want to try selling my hand painted wine glasses at a local festival, and am keen to package and present them nicely for my customers, but I can't for the life of me find where you can buy boxes for sets of 4 wine glasses. Like the one in this picture, but plain, not printed on. Can anyone help please?

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Monapaloma Mon 16-Jul-18 07:51:26

I think what you need is somebody doing die cut cardboard from a template that you'd designed/ copied from another model.

Monapaloma Mon 16-Jul-18 07:51:52

Some printers do die cutting services

achoocashew Mon 16-Jul-18 08:07:42

Not to be mean, but hand painted wine glasses are very often mocked for being very naff.

Monapaloma Mon 16-Jul-18 09:41:20

@achoocashew that is mean!
If it makes the poster happy then who cares? She might be a brain surgeon or astronaut just wanting a bit of down time , or she might be a master of Venetian glass painting, or she may just enjoy the day out to meet new people, or just make a few quid to cover the cost of an ice cream with her kids now again? Who gives a fuck if you think it's naff? Are you the world authority on taste? She just wondered where to buy boxes!

honey7 Sat 04-Aug-18 15:52:52


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