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Has anyone used a coach?

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onlyoranges Thu 14-Jun-18 14:48:12

I am changing career, as a result of bad health. I have retrained but I have never worked in business, my previous career had nothing to do with profit. I feel quite lost in the world of business and wondered if anyone had ever used a professional to help me get onto the right track. I imagine they are quite expensive?

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Ineedalifeline Sat 21-Jul-18 08:34:24

I have used a coach, didn’t find it very useful, but I guess i was expecting too much and didn’t really enjoy having to do a lot of paper based exercises between sessions. I didn’t change my career in the end and I’m not sure I would use one again. But that being said, some people I spoke to before I signed up swear by it, so maybe it’s an individual thing. Most coaches will give you a taster session on what to expect so you may want to give this a try before committing to anything long term.

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