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Anyone buy and sell on Facebook?

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strawberrylove Sun 03-Jun-18 18:08:10

Hiya, I'm desperate to own my own business. I've been thinking for a long time about what I want to do. I'm quite creative so originally I wanted it to be all homemade. I don't think I can do this now. I just don't have the skills (this could be something I do later on when I've practised more). But I'm thinking of buying and selling gifts and small products on Facebook.

Does anyone do this already and have any advice? I'm not looking to make millions. Just a bit of money on the side and something I enjoy doing.

Also if I do this, do I have to register as a business? Do I register as a sole trader?


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strawberrylove Sun 03-Jun-18 18:10:41

Just to add I'm interested in selling things like Salt lamps, incense, soaps, scrubs. All stuff to do with wellbeing and feeling good about yourself and feeling calm etc etc. I'm not a practising Buddhist but I'm heavily influenced by this and everyone is become more aware of mindfulness and being calm and happy. So I'd like to go down this route x

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