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Freelance proofreading

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fearfultrill Tue 29-May-18 12:30:08

I am interested in doing some freelance proofreading - I already know about but are there any websites I can sign up to?

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fearfultrill Tue 29-May-18 15:24:54

Bump? smile

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mimibunz Tue 29-May-18 15:29:12

There’s a place out of Hong Kong that hires English speakers to proof read papers of Chinese students. I forget the name of it but you can find it with Google.

AnotherDunroamin Tue 29-May-18 15:29:50

I've previously done some of this. I can't remember which websites I used as it's been a while now, but I'll look through my old emails when I get home and see if I can find something.

fearfultrill Tue 29-May-18 15:47:12

Thank you both! Very helpful!

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