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SmallStepsBigChanges Sun 27-May-18 11:52:05

Posted this on Make it Your Business but didn't get a response so thought I'd try here.

Frequent Mumsnetter here, but name changed to talk about my business as it may be outing!

I have FINALLY come up with a business that I want to pursue after over a year of ideas floating around. I have started to write up my business plan and I'm now at the stage where to move forward I really need to do a bit of market research.

I'm planning to send out a survey. I'm using Google Forms. I plan to post of Facebook to my friends and possibly some groups I'm active on and also on Mumsnet (is this allowed?).

I haven't set myself up as a business at all yet since it's early days. Do I need to include a privacy policy or let people know how the information will be used? I want to collect emails at the end of the survey for people that may want to hear about our product launch or take part in product testing, but this is optional and I'm otherwise not collecting personal information.

Guidance much appreciated.

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