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Starting up as a childminder

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Matthew01 Fri 25-May-18 12:05:34

Hello all

This is my first thread so hopefully this works, I'm looking for some advice if possible. Since having my son I have decided I would like to start working as a childminder, I have the experience but need to do the EYFS course, there seem to be so many options of the course and vary so much in price so wonder if you have any advise? I've always been in full time employment so all seems a bit daunting going self employed. I've been searching for advice but not knowing anyone in this line of work makes it hard.

Thank you smile


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Dlah Tue 17-Jul-18 19:07:18


When you say many options - anything that says 'certificate in' is generally not full and relevant.

Currently CACHE early years educator is the most relevant qualification for childcare but you need to do placement for this as with most full and relevant qualifications. Sadly a lot of 'certificates in' are being peddled about and not worth the paper they're written on

Good luck smile

cakesandphotos Tue 17-Jul-18 19:14:04

You also need to consider ofsted. You would be inspected at some point. I have a friend who has recently started nannying rather than childmind and she said you have to be prepared not to make much money in the first year. Good luck with everything, it’ll be so rewarding smile

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