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kaytee87 Wed 16-May-18 20:51:32

My husband has his own ltd company and is an IT contractor. I'm a sahm and do his admin/bookkeeping. (Previously worked in admin and later training/recruitment/HR - 12 years experience)
I was thinking I might start doing some freelance admin as an umbrella under his company (would then make me joint director instead of 40% shareholder).
It wouldn't have to bring in a lot of money as we don't need any more really but it would be good to keep my hand in at something while my ds is small.
Has anyone done something like this before? I was thinking a day rate of £100 is reasonable. Not sure how much of a market there is for it in the west of Scotland or how I would go about finding clients.

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kaytee87 Wed 16-May-18 21:37:06

Looking around it seems a day rate of 150-200 is closer to the mark and perhaps a separate half day rate

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