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College for benefits

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FLORIST22 Thu 10-May-18 18:20:55

Hi. Was just really after some neutral advice from people not involved in our current situation. My stepdaughter, 17, left school last year without really knowing which route to take. My partner had discussed with her different options (although he knew in his heart that a-levels were not for her) but supported her in her decision and she was all but forced down the path of a levels by her mother, who, as we’ve learned from previous experience, will turn a situation that most benefits herself financially rather than what benefits anyone else. So, stepdaughter is now nearing the end of a very difficult 1st year of alevels and pretty much told us she doesn’t want to continue onto the second year but would prefer to go down the apprenticeship route ASAP. Her mother is now telling her that she can’t as this will seriously affect the money she receives in benefits etc, putting pressure on her daughter and guilting her, and is making her do a random course in something for another year until she is 19. Can anyone tell me, is this right or completely despicable?? I know what I think!!

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Severnlurveheart Fri 21-Jun-19 10:21:59

The mother is beibg very selfish, using her daughter as a cash cow. My DC has just left and I separated from his father 6 months ago so I'm still finding my feet financially. I know I will lose out benefits if he starts an apprenticeship but it's all about what he wants to do. It's likely he won't get one now but will do college and get a part time job.

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