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ThaiRedCurry Wed 09-May-18 15:36:30

I'm due to finish my beauty course in July this year. I'm desperate to get working again but with two babies child care is so expensive so not really an option (yet) my partner is a police officer and I would like to fit my hours around him. My house isn't big enough for a beauty room and if I was to work from home I would be worried kids will be loud and not good for business etc. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can start up? Is mobile worth it? Should I try rent a room aghhh I don't know where to begin!

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delilahbucket Tue 15-May-18 15:18:47

Going mobile is your best bet as you have no financial commitments or time constraints. You set your diary. Make sure you are insured for the treatments you carry out, and your car will need business insurance.

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