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Tax return

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vilamoura2003 Sun 22-Apr-18 11:36:04

For the past few years I have submitted my own self assessment tax return, not 100% sure I am doing it completely correctly. I am thinking of paying someone to do it for me - it is really straight forward, don't have lots of expenses - wondering how much someone would charge?

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Kazzyhoward Sun 22-Apr-18 12:13:11

Anywhere from £50 to £500, depending upon the complexity, state of your records, qualification of the accountant, and size of the accountancy practice. Just be aware that cheap is often false economy because literally anyone can call themselves an accountant and offering accountancy services, even those with no qualifications, no insurance, etc., so beware of the bottom end of the market. That said, there are plenty of qualified chartered accountants who'd do a simple tax return for £100 or so (mostly one man band, part time practice type of person).

HollowTalk Sun 22-Apr-18 12:16:04

I was told by one accountant he'd charge £300. I did it myself in half an hour instead.

Gillbillz Fri 27-Apr-18 20:01:49

I found self assessment relatively simple so did it myself - I prefer to try if I can so I understand it all. However once I changed to a limited company model I got an accountant to do my annual tax return- after getting quotes around 900-1000 from accountancy companies I turned to peopleperhour and top rated guy on there charged me 160. Very happy and he offers me advice when I contact him with quick questions

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