Where can I get a list of things I can offset against tax?

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LaurieFairyCake Fri 20-Apr-18 19:06:02

It’s a really long list of expenses. Today I’m considering buying sickness/accident cover and at my age it’s £35 a month.

I’m struggling to find a definitive answer on heating too - I’ve found one answer that says it’s dependant on the square footage of place and how much is ‘workspace’. My heating bill is £200 a month and I’ve got the radiators turned down in the rest of the house but turned up to max in my therapy room and the loo clients use. However space wise it’s only a 5th of the square footage. I work all day/evenings/weekends so the heating in the room is set to a constant 22.

Rambling now, you can see why I need a list confused

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caroldecker Fri 20-Apr-18 19:32:11

There isn't really a list as it depends on your business. For example you could almost certainly claim scented candles (for example) but a builder would not.
The rule is that the expense must be wholly and exclusively for the business.
Be a bit careful in claiming costs relating to a property you live in as you could potentially be liable to capital gains tax when you sell.

Blerg Fri 20-Apr-18 19:38:13

I saw an accountant today who was full of useful info and talked us (no obligation) through loads of bits that we’d wondered about. It was a free chat, though I will be using her in future I think. There might be someone locally who would offer the same.

As I understand it you can work out a % all household costs. It is easier for renters though as a PP said.

AlexanderHamilton Fri 20-Apr-18 19:41:36

You can’t claim sickness/accident cover as that’s a benefit in kind but you can offset public liability insurance.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 20-Apr-18 19:48:58

I’m not liable for capital gains as long as you use the room for other purposes (which I do)

I’m really surprised I can’t claim sickness/accident cover - it’s an expense that normal businesses can offset confused

I already know about public liability and all the professional insurances. I’ve got about £3k of cpd/websites/professional fees as well to claim.

The gas/electricity is such a huge part of it - it’s SO expensive to keep the room heated in winter.

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AlexanderHamilton Fri 20-Apr-18 19:50:40

Who told you normal businesses can offset that cost?

They can provide it as a benefit for employees but they are then taxed on it.

AlexanderHamilton Fri 20-Apr-18 19:56:47

Are you perhaps thinking of insurance a business can take out to cover costs to a company if a key person is sick. It is paid to the business , not to the sick oerson.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 20-Apr-18 19:58:36

It seems like a normal self employed expense - I mean I can’t claim statutory sick pay?

It’s an expense for the business isn’t it?

I really can’t afford an accountant, I don’t earn enough really.

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DancingLedge Fri 20-Apr-18 20:01:48

If you're self employed, are you not getting a constant stream of emails from HMRC offering webinars on things like expences?
I am.
I can't copy and paste an email from phone, but will try to do so tomorrow.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 20-Apr-18 20:01:53

Anyone know if hmrc are helpful or easy to get hold of?

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LaurieFairyCake Fri 20-Apr-18 20:03:56

Not one. However this is my first year of doing it where I don’t have the first 22k tax free (was a foster carer).

So this will be my first year of filing where I’m treated as entirely self employed.

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AlexanderHamilton Fri 20-Apr-18 20:07:41

Unfortunately HMRC don’t see it as a business expense they see I as a personal insurance policy.

It would be different if you employed somebody, you could then get key person insurance to cover the costs involved with having an employee butvthe business being unable to operate without you. It’s a specialist area & you’d need independent advice.

caroldecker Sat 21-Apr-18 01:13:14

You can probably claim more than space related for heating. HMRC guidance example assumes all rooms use equal amounts. If you can show different heat levels, you can claim more than % space costs.
The insurance is explicitly not allowable here
On the CGT issue, make sure you are not claiming any mortgage expenses for the space. The exclusively clause means that if you are claiming tax deduction then you are not using for other purposes.

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