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What inventory management software should I use?

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Kilara Fri 20-Apr-18 09:56:16

I'm going to start small furniture business, which tools I need for tracking my items, connecting with clients and so on?

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NeonSun Fri 20-Apr-18 11:48:16

There's such a great variety for these types of software, you need to define your companie's specifications more carefully firstly before making a decision smile What's your budget? It's the first one in addition to the size of your company. Secondly, how many users will use your system? Certain type depends on their amount too, also who that people will be, your clients, average workers or managers, also on their locations. And the last ones will certain inventory processes you want to use, software which you already have (not all of them combine well with each other) and method of tracking items you want to use. For small business for example as the best inventory management software systems are considered InvenTree, Odoo, magento custom stock status , OpenBoxes, OpenBravo and OpenLMIS.
Hope that was helpful!

SoloD Sun 08-Jul-18 19:45:27

We use for our company, does everything we need and is a lot cheaper than Linworks

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