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working from home on top of full time job

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Tills85 Mon 16-Apr-18 21:57:59

Hi Guys. I need some help. I am 31 years old single mum of a 5 year old. I work full time Monday to Friday and I have 1 evening and 1 weekend day child free. I rent my place and we are happy where we are. I provide for us both but I want to be able to sae and go on holidays etc. I am not entitled to benefits. I need some ideas of what I can do to make money in my free time at home? the problem I have is that I don't drive. I was thinking of starting up like an ironing business but would that work with not driving? would the extra money only cover the extra tax I would have to pay? even if I was making £300 month more it would be money I could put away to save for a house deposit? Please help, any ideas?

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PrimalLass Mon 16-Apr-18 22:00:20

Matched betting. Once I get paid next weekend I and going to give it a go.

Tills85 Mon 16-Apr-18 23:09:16

I mean a job not betting. I don't have money to gamble

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PrimalLass Tue 17-Apr-18 13:31:27

Well it is tax free and you can start with £25. Other than that, it is pretty hard to advise as you don't say what you do or what your skills are.

Shortie17 Tue 17-Apr-18 16:39:51

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delilahbucket Tue 17-Apr-18 16:40:05

It isn't gambling as long as you do it correctly. Read up on it. Team Profit is an excellent place to start.

MaybeDoctor Wed 25-Apr-18 12:31:39

Selling on ebay
Selling on Amazon

Do a bar job in your free evening? Probably the quickest/easiest way to earn more.

lulu12345 Wed 16-May-18 21:51:32

You could give Ironing a shot, start up costs are low (although ideally you’d invest in a hardcore steam iron and board to save time). Put some adverts on things like Facebook, Gumtree, Netmums etc. You might struggle to get custom if you can’t deliver and pick up but worth a shot, I have seen ironing services advertised near me that don’t do either. Alternatively you could team up with a friend who does drive and split the income from it?

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