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does this family friendly position even exist in the NHS? (Canadian)

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Winterdown Tue 10-Apr-18 17:20:30


I am currently in Canada (dual citizen with Britain) and have my dream job here in Canada which is a medical social worker in hospital. Here they call my position "casual" which means I set my own hours. I love the flexibility. I work all units, maternity, ICU, and the emergency room and work as little or as much as I like. The position is well paid and unionized and I contribute to a pension. It's an excellent job.

Does this type of position exist in the NHS? Specifically, do medical / hospital social workers work "per diem" or casually?

I welcome any responses. Thanks in advance.

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CharmedMummy Sun 29-Jul-18 22:20:56

There are similar positions via agencies. The pay is significant less than it used to be and work can be cancelled a matter of hours before you are due to start. I'm a nurse so I don't know about the social worker contracts indepth.

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