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Please help - Linkedin

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Givenup43 Tue 10-Apr-18 16:55:11

Could someone who knows LinkedIn well please help.?

If someone has all the notifications on and every time they get a new connection, they get an email and a message in the linkedin inbox....
Is it then possible that only one connection doesn't have a notification of any sort?

I think my husband is lying.... he basically connected a week ago with his ex (who he actually broke of our engagement for once So the lowest of the low).
So in his connections it said her name and connected a week.ago. There were two other connections the same day and he got emails saying "see so and so's activity for each of the others and has done for every new connection since.

So I am sure he got the email, knew he was connected with her and then deleted the email permanently. He insists he didn't get an email and that maybe it came though in a group one... this is a lie isn't It? Seein g as EVERY other one he's had is individual email.

Please help as feel I'm going mad but my gut is telling me I'm right however I don't know how LinkedIn works.


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Prettylovely Tue 10-Apr-18 18:21:23

It doesnt look good does it, But I dont know enough about linkedin, You will probably get more answers if you post on the relationships board or chat as they get more traffic.

londonloves Tue 10-Apr-18 18:37:45

If his settings are such that he will get an email notification for a new connection, then he will almost certainly have had one for the connection with her. Do you know if he added her, or she added him? As I think that can affect the notifications.

40forty Tue 10-Apr-18 19:06:56

He sent an invitation to her as a bulk with loads of others apparently

Prettylovely Tue 10-Apr-18 19:16:25

I have just asked my dh who is on there he said he doesnt think you can do that as in add people bulk, Either way hes lieing hes added her or shes added him and hes accepted.
I wouldnt trust him.

OllyBJolly Tue 10-Apr-18 19:18:44

You can switch off notifications and you can choose not to receive notifications from certain people.

You can also send out invitations to everyone in your email contacts so it is possible that it was done accidentally.

catweasel44 Thu 19-Apr-18 07:56:33

It's possible that he added her in bulk. LinkedIn are always asking if you want to connect to your entire address book. It's easy to do.

You can also turn your email notifications off completely if you want to.

ginnysmith Mon 23-Apr-18 11:31:22

Adding in bulk is a function where LinkedIn is given permission to search your contacts looking for people who have used the same email address and then asking them to connect with you.
First the recipient will have to accept the request and when they do you will get a notification saying so-and-so has accepted and you are now connected. Another question might be why he still has her email in his contacts.

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