Energy supply wtf!

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DevilsAttic Sun 08-Apr-18 19:25:54

So I opened up a retail unit called eon to go with them all fine received this yesterday from them! I have no contract with anyone else and called eon after taking over the premises. Shall call first thing tomorrow to find out why but is there anything else I need know it's my first shop so never had to deal with energy suppliers before.

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dementedpixie Sun 08-Apr-18 19:29:41

Whoever had the shop before will have had a contract with one of the electricity suppliers. Maybe they have left without paying what they owe. You need to find out the current supplier

DevilsAttic Sun 08-Apr-18 19:35:03

Well I brought that up with eon but they said it wouldn't be an issue because I was now taking over the premises (new business) if there was debt the other supplier would chase the old tenant for the debt.

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swizzells2003 Sun 08-Apr-18 19:40:28

I work for one of the big six suppliers ..... EON should have advised that you need to get in touch with the current supplier to let them know you are now responsible. The last tenant might not have let them know that they have moved on and so they may have unpaid bills. EON can check who the supplier is for you .....

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