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Need help with design I think

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shoelaces Tue 03-Apr-18 19:08:06

Hi all

I've just started my first business and my website is nearly complete. Just an absence of stock is holding me back from launch, but that should be resolved this week.

My logo is a bit shit. I've done all my web design myself and everything flows really well, the colours and font flow together and then my logo just sort of looks out of place. Like a crappy sticker plonked on the top of an otherwise lovely welcoming website.

Do you think I should get a pro to do it? I tried PeoplePerHour first, wasted £25 and did make something better myself, but still not good. WWYD? Thanks a lot

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Ruleof4 Mon 09-Apr-18 22:22:02


Have you tried vistaprint? They design your logo and offer revisions for a set price. As you can ring them you can talk through exactly what you need?

MissFritton65 Tue 10-Apr-18 23:27:37

Hi I agree with Ruleof4. I've used Vistaprint for my print marketing and website and have found them great; their website makes initial designs easy and cost effective and they have been very helpful when I've spoken to them. I'd certainly recommend them.

Sollywoman Fri 11-May-18 20:34:26

I used PeoplePerHour for mine, he was excellent. If you change your mind I can get you his details. Included free favicon.

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