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how many hrs do you work with 3 children

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lovemybabies3 Fri 30-Mar-18 08:06:15

i currently work 16 hrs a week over 2 days! my hours can vary from 8-5, 8.30-5.30 or 9-6! i also work term time so lucky enough to be off the school holidays! iv just requested to work another day but worry that with having 3 young children 2,5 and 8 that i may struggle keeping ontop of everything!

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Lillylollylandy Fri 30-Mar-18 08:13:21

I work full time. My children are 6, 3 and 1. I am having to be very organised!

BrieAndChilli Fri 30-Mar-18 08:14:35

I work 5 hours a day mon-fri. 9.30-2.30pm and have 3 kids.

I used to work only 3 hours a day from home 12-3 and it was much easier to keep on top of things then

SansaClegane Fri 30-Mar-18 08:29:37

I work 9-3 Monday to Friday; while my children are at school (they are 9, 6 and 4). It takes a while to pick them all up from their schools so it's usually 4pm before we are all back home. I have shit tons to do every afternoon to try and keep up with everything, though there's always a backlog. I try to catch up on the rare days when XH can be bothered to has the DC.

xyzandabc Fri 30-Mar-18 08:33:29

I do 20 hours over 3 days, term time only. Either 8-3 or 9-3 so I can always do school pick up. Have done it for 4 years now since they were 7,5 and 2. It's a perfect number of hours, just wish it was a bit better paid!

Littlechocola Fri 30-Mar-18 08:35:30

3 children. Full time and 12 hour shifts. Your standards change.

G1ggleloop Fri 30-Mar-18 08:40:31

At the moment I work two weeks full time, two weeks off. Everything gets done to the bare minimum on my working weeks. When the littlest starts school I'll be going 4 days. Dreading it.

Steakandchips3 Fri 30-Mar-18 08:42:31

3 dcs. Work 15 hours over 2 days. 14 weeks off per year (mixture of annual leave and unpaid leave)
I think about increasing hours to 3 days but worry that I would struggle getting everything done.

lovemybabies3 Fri 30-Mar-18 10:01:58

thanks everyone! yes im worrying about trying to keep ontop of everything plus all kids homeworks! going to be abit manic but ill just have to be organised!

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Lillylollylandy Fri 30-Mar-18 14:07:06

Have a look at the organised mum method - it's great.

Babybrainx2 Tue 10-Apr-18 14:29:25

What are all these 9-3 term time jobs?! I'm very jealous smile
I am going up to 3 days a week soon but work from 7.30 till 5.30 so won't be able to do any school runs on those days when my eldest starts next year, which I'm more than a little gutted about.

Winterdown Tue 10-Apr-18 17:21:15

I have four children and work one day a week (preferably less) as a medical social worker in hospitals.

lovemybabies3 Tue 10-Apr-18 20:55:31

i no i would love to do 9-3! i am getting my head around working 3 days now!
i hate not being able to take children to school everyday but my husband is there to pick them up! at least im there 2 days.

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SansaClegane Wed 11-Apr-18 21:59:36

babybrain and OP, I work at a school. It's the only way I can make things work - childcare for 3 DC over 14 weeks of holidays (per year) would cost me a fortune otherwise. But, even though the pay is shit, the hours are great and I do really enjoy the work (SEN TA).
School jobs are hard to come by though as many many parents have the same idea.

RunRabbitRunRabbit Wed 11-Apr-18 22:06:37

40hrs. Same for DH. Is a killer. Ideally we'd both work 4 days a week instead of 5 but the job market and some heavy family expenses recently don't permit. If DH wasn't the sort to pull his weight, we'd be screwed.

I read threads on here and thank my lucky stars married a responsible adult.

AndersArms Wed 11-Apr-18 22:07:53

DC aged7, 5 and 1. Work FT. It's doable but you need to be super organised, have loads of school uniform and a cleaner!

lovemybabies3 Thu 12-Apr-18 07:47:32

yes i have 5 lots of uniforms hanging up ready for the week ahead!
i always think id love to get into a school but my boss has allowed me to work term time so feel really lucky! altho i would love better hours but i suppoe i only work 3 days for now while my youngest is only 2.

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Zippyzulu Thu 12-Apr-18 07:58:32

9.30-2.30 4 or 5 days per week, term time onky. Ideally I’d only work 4 but work is so busy I feel bad not doing 5! I have a dh who contributes a lot despite working full time, mainly doing all the drop offs and pick ups every evening (my most hated job!)

twolittleboysonetiredmum Thu 12-Apr-18 08:01:51

I’ve worked three days a week for the last 6 years - kids are now 6, 4 and 2. About to go full time and very worried about coping! Have sorted a cleaner!
Circumstances leave me with no choice and hoping we’ll be better off long term.

Dalesgirl16 Mon 09-Jul-18 12:19:01

Hi OP I'm trying to find term time only work but don't want to work in a school. Can I ask what you do please? If not, that's fine

throwawayagain Tue 28-Aug-18 19:02:47

We are looking for someone 25 hrs per week - over 4 or 5 days. Would suit a parent, but none are applying!
It's supply chain admin in Northampton if anyone knows someone! smile

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