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Facebook advertising? Any good?

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newfunahead Sat 24-Mar-18 21:33:51

So I teach a fitness class and have been following a lady online that uses Facebook ads and swears by them. Have you had any success with these ads?

Also do you have to have a business page to create the ads? I had an actual business page before and didn't like it so I just used a normal account but now I don't think i can create the ad without a business page.

Anymore information or tips you can give me would be appreciated smile

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FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sat 24-Mar-18 22:33:18

Hi. Yes, you do need a business page. What was it you didn't like about having one?

I run two FB pages as part of my work. You can target ads by gender, age, location etc, so they could work well for you.

You can also create events on FB, which might be good for classes. If people say they are going to or interested in one of your classes then FB gives them reminders. Friends can also see that they are going.

Hope this is helpful.

newfunahead Sat 24-Mar-18 23:11:00

I didn't like it because I couldn't repost other interesting videos that other people had posted on their Facebook which I thought would be good for my customers to see.

So the lady I have been getting advice from said she managed to fill 4 brand new classes with Facebook ads! Is it really that effective?

Any tips on ads? The lady said add a video and not too much text

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FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sun 25-Mar-18 09:50:40

You should be able to share posts to your business page. I do. Perhaps like the page as your business page and see if that works?

I can't speak for how well they ads will do, but if you target them well then they should help. You can also choose to target people who are like the people who already follow you. Don't be shy about asking people to share your post.

You can do a very short video (max 10 seconds) or if that's not your strength FB can make videos for you from stills. Text is good. Remember that a lot of people will view on their phone, so make sure that it looks good on mobile smile

Re content, have a look at what your contact has been doing and learn from her and other instructors.

I hope this makes sense.

Florabella Mon 26-Mar-18 06:53:52

You definitely need a business page. If you run a business from your personal page then Facebook can shut it down. And as previous poster said you can share posts to a business page - I often do.

Facebook advertising is nowhere near as good as it used to be as Facebook has made loads of changes in the last year and the reach is now very poor. Sharing your business post in relevant groups might work better - and is free!

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