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Starting a business

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BlitzenandMikey Tue 20-Mar-18 10:50:39

Have any of you recently set up your own business? If so, what is the product/service which you offer? How are things going with it all? How long did it take for the business to take off?

Here I am, mid forties, having some kind of mid life crisis! No clue what to do next. Applying for jobs, but haven't been successful yet, have knocked retraining on the head (finances/age) so currently thinking about setting up a business. Not got any clear ideas yet, so just asking around.


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Smurftastic Tue 20-Mar-18 14:40:06

Sorry I can't really help you, but I'm interested to see the responses! Long time ago my dad worked as a cleaner, and then ended up having his own window cleaning company, earning good money. What did you do before? Have you got any specialist skills? I don't think you should give up on training just because of age, mid-forties is still young smile

BlitzenandMikey Tue 27-Mar-18 11:47:57

Thanks for your reply Smurf.
Cleaning had crossed my mind, but there seem to be so many locally all fighting for business. I could explore out of area though.

No idea really, I have done a few things ; teaching, LSA, advice work. Currently volunteering for the CAB. Really struggling to get paid work right now, so thought working for myself might be the way forward. No specialist skills to speak of. Do you think many retrain in their mid forties? I will be heading towards 50 when qualified and then still got to get a job...

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Smurftastic Tue 27-Mar-18 12:50:48

Are teaching jobs difficult to come by? When I did my higher national diploma course I did it through a college, and that meant there were people from different walks of life. In a group of 8 people there were two ladies in their mid-late forties. They both went onto obtaining their BA and then PGCE qualifications. You already have plenty of teaching experience so if you're enjoying it perhaps it's the right direction? I'm entertaining idea of not going back to my workplace after maternity leave to start on my own, but I'm terrified it won't work out and I'll never get a job again! I wish it was a bit easier o the job market!! Best of luck whatever you decide smile

MrsPatmore Tue 27-Mar-18 16:51:05

Are you in an 11+ area? Maybe tutoring for that or GCSE support?

thisartist Tue 27-Mar-18 17:44:52

I've been self employed for years and it works well around my family. It can be tough but if you take a methodical approach and offer something that is always wanted you'll be fine.

Think about offering something that you would find really handy to have. Remember you can always add to your services so start small and offer it clearly in a friendly way. Something as simple as dogwalking offers ready cash and regularity.

Best of luck, sam

Synecdoche Tue 27-Mar-18 17:50:40

I second the tutoring suggestion if you have experience teaching.

NameChanger22 Tue 27-Mar-18 17:58:11

I'm watching with interest. I have some really good ideas for a business which could make enough money and I have lots of lovely things to sell. I'm just lacking the push to get started. I think fear is stopping me.

Could you have a look on at which skills are in demand. Then learn those skills and market them?

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