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Advertising for fitness class? Leaflets?

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newfunahead Wed 14-Mar-18 21:38:36

So I have just started a fitness class and it is nearly full which is great smile I would love to run a few more classes for more income but not sure what is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise?

So far I have a Facebook and insta page. I am thinking it may be a good idea to make loads of leaflets and put them on local notice boards like outside centers and halls etc does that sound like a good idea? Any other ideas very welcome smile

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jibbajabbaa Thu 15-Mar-18 09:30:51

print carrier is your cheapest. Its german but they are so cheap. My last lot was 10k for £90 It's a sneaky idea but putting them on a car near gyms and your competitor
Other than that I would carry on with facebook. All my classes are found through facebook and google.

newfunahead Thu 15-Mar-18 16:59:47

thank you for the reply. Do you pay for Facebook advertising? Or just have a Facebook page? I don't pay for advertising at the moment but if it works well I would be happy to invest.

I'm not sure if you could get in trouble for putting leaflets on window screens for example if people through them on the floor and littered a certain area?

I was thinking about leaving some leaflets in local business etc and putting them all m notice boards

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tigerrun Thu 15-Mar-18 17:02:01

School book bags (for example for a 9.30am class near school). With a ‘free first session’ voucher if viable.

gigi556 Thu 15-Mar-18 19:00:00

I'm looking to start a business doing fitness classes as well so I'm pleased to hear it was easy to fill your class! Who are you marketing to? This will have an impact on your approach.

For my own curiosity, how did you start out? Were you already qualified and teaching elsewhere or?

SilverHairedCat Thu 15-Mar-18 19:04:04

Facebook local pages - gossip girls, sales etc.

Lifeaback Thu 15-Mar-18 19:06:20

Think about the type of people you are aiming to attract, and then think about where those people tend to visit. E.g. Maybe leave some on notice boards at your local health food type shop, or somewhere that children's activities/mother and toddler groups etc, sports massage/physio type places. Also a voucher for a free first session might be a good idea. Instagram has a promoters section which you can pay a small fee for, it's really good for getting exposure as your advertisement comes up on people's feeds

KikiMadeMeDoIt Thu 15-Mar-18 19:08:12

I found this website when researching an essay, it might be of some use

wakingfire Fri 16-Mar-18 23:41:41

Yes I would definitely do leaflets as well as all your social media. Seeing one might prompt someone to pay attention next time they see you.

You could door drop all the houses nearby if you got the 10k printed as above. Think of your message- if you were doing a door drop I would do time limited voucher for one free class etc. Post about it on social media- ask who got one through their door?

Good technique on social media is announce how few places remaining- encourage people to book up fast

newfunahead Sat 17-Mar-18 20:08:24

Gigi - I'm teaching pole fitness so to ladies of all ages but I think younger ladies tend to stick to the classes for longer.

I was already qualified and teaching for someone else before I started. I approached a local studio and asked them if I could teach there and they marketed to their clients and that's how I filled the class. But it's only one class and I would love to teach a few more classes

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newfunahead Sat 17-Mar-18 20:10:44

Thank you all for the replies, I was thinking maybe a free first session but I like the idea of a limited time period smile

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mintich Sat 17-Mar-18 20:11:42

I used to do pole fitness before kids and I chose my classes based on how many class pictures were on Facebook and Instagram. So I like to see loads of pictures from each week you teach and encourage your class to post then too.
If a school didn't have many pictures from classes I wouldn't bother to try them

newfunahead Sat 17-Mar-18 20:32:14

Thank you for the tip, as I have just started up I'm building on photos and videos at the moment but yes that makes sense smile

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