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I don’t know how to be a super woman☹️

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Maja123 Wed 28-Feb-18 15:05:42

I have 3 year old just started 15h nursery and expecting a baby (7 weeks to due date). I recently feel more and more upset that somehow I am not able to do what seems normal for other women: freelancing, opening their own business; working from home etc. How come they are able to manage private life, money and I am not? Am I so bad?
My husband is working all day long in difficult stressful job coming back home late and the last thing he wants is me vanishing in the evening and do my jobs as we will never see each other.
We don’t have enough money for childcare or starting my own business.
So I feel down I should be doing something. I was always super hard working person but starting family we decided i will stay with first one at home till 15 h free. As soon as she is doing it I was doing on line admin&busineas courses to refresh my knowledge but still feel like a looser ....sad

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ColetteBroomhead Wed 28-Feb-18 16:45:20

Ooh I SO feel you on this. I quit a well paid corporate job 18 months ago to build my own coaching business so I could spend more time with the kids. I have REALLY struggled with not really contributing financially while I get started and then watching hubby go out and do a job he hates so we can pay the bills. I'd be working till late on my business so that when I was with hubby or the kids I felt stressed - and because I was now at home all day, I couldn't be bothered to cook and spend time on a nice meal for them. I just felt like I was failing at everything!

It does get better and you have to remember - while you may not be contributing financially right now, you're contributing in other ways!

If you need any help from a business perspective I'd be very happy to chat to you (no strings - us Mums have to stick together!). I work with new online startups to help them get strong foundations in place to grow and prosper smile xx

FaFoutis Wed 28-Feb-18 16:47:34

me vanishing in the evening and do my jobs
That's how I did it. You have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice.

Parent2work Wed 07-Mar-18 10:28:31

I remember looking at mums whose children were getting the 15 hours and it seemed so far off, so unobtainable and as if they could do anything! But in reality, it isn't very much time at all and would be difficult to get a good flow of work going. So don't be too hard on yourself.

What you can do, even after your baby is born, is:

Think about what you want to do and make plans
Research online
Talk to people
Gather ideas

Why not read every thread on this board and on the freelancers board, jot down what appeals to you and take it from there?

My blog is on this topic and part of the mumsnet bloggers network, if you want to take a look. I am not supposed to link directly to it, but you can use the search function.

Ruleof4 Mon 09-Apr-18 21:48:27

You're not a loser, how can you be when your bringing new life into the world? I have two children 4 and 2, work part time as an qualified accountant and started my own business earlier this month in interior design.

I thought about venturing out by myself throughout both maternity leaves when I was off work for 9 months at a time and never did. I was too scared about managing it. To be honest it hasn't been easy; it's all about managing things differently. Even an hour between putting the kids to bed and spending time with hubby you could focus on yourself. Take it slowly, find what it is you want to achieve and everyday take one step towards it. Keep your hubby in the loop and you never know having this distraction maybe a stress reliever for him too.

My only other advice would be, with a baby due soon is this the best time? After all the new baby 'first times' don't wait for anyone.

Good luck!

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