Why I struggle to be a super woman?

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Maja123 Tue 27-Feb-18 20:34:07

I have 3 year old just started 15h nursery and expecting a baby (7 weeks to due date). I recently feel more and more upset that somehow I am not able to do what seems normal for other women: freelancing, opening their own business; working from home etc. How come they are able to manage private life, money and I am not? Am I so bad?
My husband is working all day long in difficult stressful job coming back home late and the last thing he wants is me vanishing in the evening and do my jobs as we will never see each other.
We don’t have enough money for childcare or starting my own business.
So I feel down I should be doing something. I was always super hard working person but starting family we decided i will stay with first one at home till 15 h free. As soon as she is doing it I was doing on line admin&busineas courses to refresh my knowledge but still feel like a looser ....

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andhardlyanywomenatall Tue 27-Feb-18 23:09:56

I made myself Ill doing that after birth of second child.

Can you plan, but think of starting up 6 months post natal?

If you were an employee you’d get mat leave.

Give yourself mat leave. Please!

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