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Importing - Cost

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Lauraadele18 Mon 19-Feb-18 18:50:40

I'm sure this question has been asked several times, but i need some advice please.

I am looking to import items from China and after reading up online (although its a minefield and probably confused me even more) i want to double check if i am missing any fees/charges.

The supplier in China is offering FOB service which i believe means they will take it to the port, i have arranged a courrier to sea frieght it to the UK and they will cover the cost of the sea freight, Customs Clearance, Import THC (not sure what this is), Delivery and documentation fee. I have also factored in the cost of Import tax and duty (I wont be paying VAT). Am i missing anything? As i don't want to have any nasty surprises with bills i wasn't expecting turning up.

I have read there could be storage fees at customs? And Inspection charges? Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if so how much?

Many thanks,

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DizzyBeeme Wed 07-Mar-18 16:54:53

Hi there,

A friend of mine imported for the first time and said there were lots of extra fees added that she was not aware of - storage fees was one of them.

jibbajabbaa Mon 12-Mar-18 12:56:25

Two things stand out, but it depends on your attitude to risk and cost. Somethings can go through and not get caught other things can take a week, with storage costs to you.

insurance - not the couriers (as they can be lousy) but all the points where it is not under your control or the Chinese people. Think loading onto the boat, Unloading for sea courier to uk courier. Who's problem is it if it falls over between vans.

what import/exprt code are they using and is it honest (it will cost you if they send it on a wrong code to reduce there tax but increase yours)

jibbajabbaa Mon 12-Mar-18 12:57:53

Ask the Chinese to do it DDP. It means it's not your problem till it's at your door. Search INCOTERMS for all the options

redtiger1079 Sat 16-Jun-18 01:13:28

Just use a good company and they’ll sort it all for you

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